We provide globally recognised INDUSTRIAL brands so you know you’re using the best and your clients will get the great results they want.

Industrial 1

ATTENTION: Commercial painters, engineers and equipment manufacturers!

Whether you’re a sandblaster, engineer or your company makes machinery, we have the range of paints needed for every type of industrial and protective coatings application.

We have the range to suit all industries

Our industrial paint products come in a wide variety including single and two pack primers and topcoats - incorporating alkyds, urethanes and epoxies.

Industrial 2

We stock and supply a large range of Industrial coatings and associated products from epoxy primers, direct to metal single and 2 pack coatings and fast dry enamels.

Whether you are finishing Trucks or Bulldozers we have the correct products and specifications for the Job.

We can also provide a full fleet specification service and a range of warranty programs.


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