Brand Overview

Chemicar designs and develops non-paint products (consumables and equipment) for the professional body shop. These products are distributed under the brand name Finixa.

Chemicar Europe NV has over 30 years of experience in developing and distributing consumables, equipment and training to the professional autobody repair industry. Through a global network of dealers in more than 100 countries, they offer their goods and services tailored to their customers' needs. They do this under the Finixa quality label, with an emphasis on responsible quality, sustainability and innovation. Almost all of their products are developed in-house and some are even manufactured by them. They also supply their Finixa products to OEM car manufacturers.

Finixa's distribution, and production, centre is in Zwijndrecht (Belgium), in the heart of Europe, which is also the knowledge centre of many high-quality paint and car manufacturers. From here, they send their products to their clients who are located almost anywhere in the world. Since 2021, they have expanded with a second location to better serve the US market. Their subsidiary is located in Houston, Texas.

Chemicar operates through a worldwide network of dealers in more than 100 countries. They work with distributors on both an exclusive and non-exclusive basis. As part of their support plan in an exclusive partnership, they offer technical and commercial training, to be organized in Belgium, Antwerp (headquarters). Their end-users are professional car body repairers.

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