VIP Card

Linkup VIP Card

Linkup VIP Customer Card

We believe that your loyalty to us should be rewarded*...

The Linkup Paints VIP Card gives you consistent pricing everytime.

Our VIP card is designed for the regular loyal customer that doesn’t have or require a credit account. The Linkup Paints VIP card has been introduced so we can provide service and information to all our customers, not only credit account holders. Simply come into our store and fill out an application form and a VIP card will be posted to you. The card enables us to offer you good pricing and service consistently. You will also receive our mail out promotions and newsletters so you can keep up to date with the latest information and specials.

VIP Benefits

  • FREE membership, join in store or online
  • CONSISTENT pricing every time
  • EXCLUSIVE discounts & deals

Tell all your family and friends about the Linkup Paints VIP cards and everything we can offer them at Linkup Paints.

Download the VIP Application Form

*Our VIP customer card is not available at all our branches