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Linkup Early Days

Linkup Paint Supplies Limited was established more than 40 years ago in Hamilton servicing the greater Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. Through strong brands and exceptional service Linkup Paints has grown to now five independently owned branches. The Group has been formed to assist with purchasing power and advantages to provide our customers with the best possible products and services. Linkup Paints services the Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Wood Finishing and House Painting markets, providing coatings and associated products.

At Linkup Paints we provide a total service. The number one focus is customer service. We pride ourselves on providing prompt service with products that are price competitive and of a high quality. We work with our customers to provide any assistance we can to make their business more successful. We don't just sell paint. Once we've listened to you and understood what your project really needs, then we can offer you advice to make the job easier, as well as supply you with the right paint - and tools - to get the job done right. Providing the best possible service and advice is what Linkup Paints is all about and we will go out of our way to ensure you get the best possible solutions available.

We give you a consistent level of high quality service because our specialist team know the products inside out. Whether you are a Trade or Retail customer you will get the same attention to detail that Linkup Paints pride ourselves on.

Linkup Paints has a sales team that are technically trained for the industry they service. We can offer technical advice as well as demonstration of products for your industry. The rest of the Linkup Paints team include administration, warehousing staff and colour matching experts that all have one goal, customer satisfaction.

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Goals & Focus

  • Provide excellent customer service
  • Ability to deliver full product range
  • Keep up to date with market and technical developments
  • High quality staff
  • Establish long term customer relationships


  • Quality products
  • Competitive pricing
  • Established and financially secure company
  • Efficient sales staff and support network
  • Reputation in industry as a quality supplier

CRA Member

Collision Repair Association

We are a Collision Repair Association Member
This ensures a supreme standard of quality and is an Association Brand recognized across New Zealand.

1982 to 1984

The Beginning - Hamilton

Linkup is a New Zealand based family owned and operated company that was founded by Allan & Joan Adamson and began trading on July 2nd, 1982.


Allan had been a sales rep for Dulux Paints, initially selling decorative paints. An opportunity arose for him to sell automotive paint, which he took on, covering the Waikato region.


In 1979 Allan was offered a job working for an Auckland company - Santano Paints (now RALI). The territory covered the Central North Island and included the Bay of Plenty and Gisborne regions.


Allan and Joan recognised an opportunity to start their own business, and Allan was encouraged by his good friend Warren Hockley to "have a go".

After some months of planning, July 2nd came around, and Allan headed out on a journey that is now 40 years old.

The first day started with Allan venturing out to see customers in a new purpose-built Diahatsu truck which had a bulk thinners tank and plenty of shelves holding all the stock required for car painters and panel beaters. He serviced all these customers door to door throughout the Central North Island from south of the Bombay's, down to Turangi, from Raglan to Mt Maunganui, Thames - Coromandel and down to Gisborne, including Tauranga and Rotorua. All his customers knew exactly what day and time Allan would show up - it was like clockwork!

The first warehouse was a shared unit with good friend Warren Hockley in Keddell Street, Frankton.

During this time, Joan did all the administration for the business from home, also weighing up stockings and clean rags for the trade.

Allan mixed his own thinner and solvent blends in 44-gallon drums and decanted these into smaller pack sizes.

Linkup quickly outgrew the warehouse, so relocated to a larger building on the corner of Lake Road & Empire Street in Frankton. This was a game-changer for the business when the trade & retail shop first opened.


Dean Adamson (son of Allan and Joan and the first employee) joined the business as a sales rep operating out of a Toyota van. It soon became evident that the van was too small, so Dean took over Allan's truck, and Allan moved to a larger truck. Around this time, we also employed a part-time admin person.

1986 to 1987

West Street

Allan and Joan purchased a section at 21 West Street, Frankton and built a new shop and warehouse for Linkup. We installed a 30,000-litre underground bulk thinners tank, which was filled up every 4 or 5 weeks by a Mobil or Shell tanker truck. That was a pretty big deal back in those days and meant that Allan no longer had to blend the thinners by hand.


Antoinette Adamson (daughter of Allan and Joan, now Antoinette Peden) joined the administration team and also mixed paint for us.


Tauranga Branch

It was decided that we should open a second branch located in Tauranga where we rented a warehouse in Birch Avenue. At the start of 1990 Dean (son of Allan and Joan) and Julie Adamson relocated to Tauranga to manage the branch, which took over the servicing of the Bay of Plenty, Coromandel, and Gisborne regions. The Tauranga branch had four staff, plus Boss the Rottweiler.


Allan and Joan purchased the building at 10 Barberry Street, Tauranga, and Linkup relocated to this site from Birch Avenue. The business flourished and grew rapidly.


The '90s


Nigel Adamson (son of Allan and Joan) joined the Hamilton warehouse and shop team.

Brian Peden (son-in-law of Allan and Joan) also joined the team, initially in the warehouse, some part-time sales repping, and eventually settled into an administration role.


Allan and Joan purchased the neighbouring house at 23 West Street, Hamilton and demolished it to add to the existing building as Linkup needed a larger shop.


Allan and Joan purchased another neighbouring house at 25 West Street, Hamilton. Linkup needed to expand again as we were in the early stages of importing products from overseas.


Allan formed a company called Refinish Imports which was set up as an importing business, based at 25 West Street. Nigel Adamson (son of Allan and Joan) managed this warehouse.


Refinish Imports began importing DeBeer Refinish into the warehouse at 25 West Street. We also built our first “homemade” spray booth and training centre. Eventually, Refinish Imports was re-branded to DBANZ and then DBNZ Coatings. Originally DBNZ stood for “DeBeer New Zealand”.

early 2000s

A new Millennium


Dean Adamson (son of Allan and Joan) moved back to Hamilton to manage the Linkup sales for Allan.

The Auckland branch was established in late 2000 in Penrose.


Jason Barry moved from Tauranga to Hamilton to assist with sales management.


Allan and Joan sold the West Street buildings in Hamilton and purchased the current head office site at 6 Killarney Lane, Frankton, where Linkup and DBNZ could work from the same premises.


In October 2005, Jason & Kim Barry took up the opportunity to purchase and run Linkup Paints in Tauranga. Jason had worked for Linkup Paints in various roles for many years.


The Next Generation


Chris Adamson (grandson of Allan and Joan) commenced with Linkup Hamilton working in the shop and warehouse.


Allan and Joan retired from full-time work in May 2011, continuing on as directors.

Linkup Wellington was started after taking over Premier Paints in Lower Hutt.


Antoinette Peden (nee Adamson, daughter of Allan and Joan) commenced in an administration role.


Chris Adamson (grandson of Allan and Joan) returned to live in Tauranga and shifted to working at Linkup BOP, initially in procurement and later as a sales rep.

Damien Peden (grandson of Allan and Joan) commenced with Linkup Hamilton working initially in a logistics role and later moving on to a procurement role.

Linkup Christchurch was started after taking over from an existing distributor in Sockburn with the branch relocating to Hornby.


End of an Era

Allan passed away on 8th August 2017 after a lengthy, courageous battle with lung cancer.

Allan passed with three children (plus spouses), 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.

He left a great legacy in the companies he had been a part of and was remembered fondly by many of his loyal customers and suppliers.


Time to Evolve

In recent times the sister businesses (Linkup and DBNZ) have continued to evolve.

In the past five years, both businesses have continued to show strong growth, to the point where combined, Linkup and DBNZ have outgrown the facilities at Killarney Lane.

In 2021, Linkup acquired Cosmoe Paint & Wallpaper, a small decorative paints business, and added some high-quality people to their team, seeing this new part of the business add significant value to the company.

In January 2022, the Linkup BOP team expanded, opening a dedicated store in Gisborne, one of the original areas that Allan serviced when he started Linkup in 1982.

July 2022 saw Linkup celebrating 40 years of servicing New Zealand with as much pride and dedication as Allan on the first day.

A new dedicated facility has been developed near the Hamilton airport on Ossie James Drive which DBNZ moved into in August 2023. This allows Linkup to grow their operations in their Hamilton location more than doubling their floor space.

New technologies are also coming into play all the time at Linkup, with Damien (grandson of Allan and Joan) focusing a lot of his time on the Linkup website and marketing, and an “online” shop featuring literally thousands of products is beginning to gain positive momentum.


Linkup Auckland Shop

Linkup Auckland

Linkup Performance Coatings Ltd - Board of Directors

Joan Adamson and Dean Adamson

Management Structure

Dean Adamson - Managing Director
Mark Pycroft - Regional Sales/Branch Manager

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Linkup Hamilton

Linkup Paint Supplies Ltd - Board of Directors

Joan Adamson and Brian Peden

Management Structure

Brian Peden - Managing Director
Marcel Koretz - Regional Sales/Business Development Manager

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Linkup Hamilton Shop
Linkup Bay of Plenty Shop

Linkup Bay of Plenty

Linkup Paints (BOP) Ltd - Board of Directors

Jason Barry and Kim Barry

Management Structure

Jason Barry - Managing Director/Sales Manager
Kim Barry - Finance/Administration Manager
Grant Fowler - Operations Manager

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Linkup Gisborne

Linkup Paints (BOP) Ltd - Board of Directors

Jason Barry and Kim Barry

Management Structure

Jason Barry - Managing Director/Sales Manager
Kim Barry - Finance/Administration Manager
Grant Fowler - Operations Manager

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Linkup Gisborne Shop
Linkup Wellington Shop

Linkup Wellington

Linkup Performance Coatings Ltd - Board of Directors

Joan Adamson and Dean Adamson

Management Structure

Dean Adamson - Managing Director
Grayson May - Regional Sales/Branch Manager

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