DeBeer Refinish

Brand Overview

DeBeer Refinish, formerly DeBeer (Holland), is a brand of Sherwin Willams. DeBeer was founded in 1910 and has been manufacturing car refinish paints since 1951. In 1980, the present production site at Lelystad was opened and they now deliver to more than 100 countries worldwide from there. 1982 saw the launch of their colour mixing systems, followed by the first water-based products around mid-2000. With the introduction of VOC legislation for EU member states from the start of 2007, the WaterBase 900 Series system, in combination with the HS420 3000 Series, has now grown into a complete VOC compliant product range.

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DeBeer Refinish' Vision

As a result of high levels of efficiency throughout all their operations, DeBeer are able to supply a worldwide range of compact, complete, and high quality vehicle repair paints at competitive prices. This ensures an ideal balance between price and quality. Their vision is to develop products that enable their customers to offer a cost-effective service thereby improving their own profitability.

Quality as a basis

Consistent quality of both products and working methods, combined with a responsible approach towards the environment, is guaranteed through the use of an integral "Health, Environment, Quality and Safety" system. This system is based on ISO 9001 (working processes) and ISO 14001 (environment) and is controlled and certificated by TüV Nederland. From these certifications, awarded in 1996 and 1999, it is clear that their objectives include controlling and guaranteeing the highest quality standards on the one hand, and minimal environmental pollution on the other.

You know that your clients are getting the best...

...with lifetime warranties and technical support and training.

DeBeer offers high quality colour mixing systems ranging from the traditional clear over base and 2K acrylic systems, to the more advanced compliant water base and high solid systems. Additionally, DeBeer offer motorcycle & special effect products, fleet products and industrial products as part of the range.

To help you become more profitable, the DeBeer product system is as compact and complete as possible. This enables you to carry less stock because this system uses carefully selected pigments that result in 30% less mixing colours when compared to similar systems, while maintaining a high degree of colour accuracy.

Because a professional brand requires a professional approach, we have a team of experienced technical advisors ready to help. DeBeer technical advisors visit distributors and end-users anywhere in the world on site to give training and demonstrations. And our Customer Support department offers colour and technical information as well, so help is never far away.

DeBeer offers complete paint mixing systems for the professional refinish industry from its head quarters in the Netherlands and has been manufacturing car refinishes since 1951. From just one production site, DeBeer supplies to more than 115 countries around the world. The Valspar Corporation was founded in the USA in 1806 and is a major global player and around number 6 in the world in paint and coatings. Valspar acquired DeBeer Lakfabrieken in 2004. DeBeer has been available in New Zealand since 1999 and has become an accepted quality refinish brand within New Zealand.

Valspar Quality First Program

With De Beer Refinish colour information you will be assured of retrieving the right formula, delivering a repair that's truly satisfies the vehicle owner.

To assist you in getting the right colour every time, De Beer Refinish have developed a vast array of Colour Tools. The user friendly ICRIS software has a host of complimentary tools including Colour Box, Tint Charts, Engine Bay & Bumper Colour Fan Decks. Additionally the Colour Wheel and tinter charts that you can download instantly will make your paint room more productive, improving body shop performance by providing accurate and timely information and guidance on matters that effect the success of your business.

Valspar Quality First

The Quality First Program encompasses a number of key components:

  • Business Consulting
  • Quality First Lifetime Warranty Program
  • Networking Forums
  • Technical and Equipment Audits
  • On site and Off site Training
  • Facility Layout and Design advice

Your Quality First Consultant is available to assist the body shop in determining courses of action that will improve all areas of the body shop and, in turn, lead to increased profitability.

Whether it be turn around efficiency or estimating accuracy, your designated Quality First consultant is available to assist with all aspects of body shop management.