Two Fussy Blokes

Brand Overview

Looking for professional paint supplies? Two Fussy Blokes is your new home for premium, high-quality paint rollers including roller frames, small and big roller sleeves, accessories such as glass scrapers and more! As a global brand, they stand out for providing the best quality products to meet even the fussiest painter's expectations and requirements.

They pride themselves in selling nothing but the best, especially when it comes to professional paint-roller sleeves. Their range includes dacron and high-tech microfibre roller sleeves that ensure you have a superb experience at painting whatever you need to, easily, quickly and without a mess.

Available in a range of textures; smooth, semi-smooth and semi-smooth plus, their products give you flexibility and control on what type of finish you need for what kind of painting you need to do.

Not a professional painter? Not a problem. They understand wanting to start on the right foot with the right supplies and their premium products are a great place to start! You'll never have to wonder which roller sleeve you need to get the job done with their accurate descriptions and helpful blog to provide you with guidance too.

Two Fussy Blokes was started by two actually fussy painters who decided to create what they couldn't find and we're not surprised to see so many good reviews and fans around the world who have been looking for the same things too. Whether you're looking to try out your first Two Fussy Blokes paint roller to stocking up on your favourite sleeves and glass paint scraper spare blades in handy trade packs, you'll be sure to find what you need right here.

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